Oh, Raylene. Sweet, and saucy Raylene. Being a mix of Mexican and Israeli, she is one of the more exotic women of porn. She started out with some of the raunchiest companies, not knowing better, and eventually signed with VIVID. Raylene’s first movie with VIVID was as “As Sweet As They Come”…Perfectly titled for this raven-haired cutie. Before Raylene’s first movie hit the store shelves she had already completed several other movies for Vivid. She is quoted in #AfterPornEnds, stating, “being a Vivid girl is what every girl wants to be!” Her sweet Life hasn’t always been topped with cherries, she has had her battle with drugs and had a few bumps in the road early on in her career. Want to know more? Get your copy of #AfterPornEnds on iTunes, today.

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Raylene starting out as a model & dancer

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