Tyffany Million was once, Tiffany Mellon, and that girl was on Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Yup, G.L.O.W. Each of the G.L.O.W. performers had their own rap song, and hers went a little something like this;

“If I were you, I’d step aside. “cause Tiffany Mellon has arrived. I know how to shop, I know how to dress, and I know you’re gonna be impressed!”

Mellon left G.L.O.W. in ’92, and entered the porn industry, making an appearance in the film, Twister. By ’94 she had appeared in about 100 films, including one called, B.L.O.W., Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling.

Today, she is bounty hunter and private investigator, during which she testified against a striptease club in San Bernadino, which allegedly featured prostitution.

Talk about doing a 180!

Tiffany Mellon to Million to Scott



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