Well, if we’re talking about Pornographic movies, A LOT. A porn movie title can evoke childhood memories in a funny, twisted manner, make you a believer in extraterrestrial beings, and even tempt you to dive deep…into the unknown. Here are a few of our more favorite, amusing titles from the vintage files to today:

Not to be confused with the original "FLASH GORDON "


12.  Deep Throat (1972)

11. Flesh Gordon  (1974)

10. Adam & Yves (1974)

9. Strange Places, Strange Things (1984)

8.  Educating Nina (1984)

7. Sex Trek III: The Wrath of Bob (1992)

6. Up and Cummers 45 (1997)

5. Ben Dover’s Butt Banger Bonanza (1998)

4.  Zorho Meets the Mob (2003)

3. Porn Wars (2006)

2. Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? (2008)

1. Shaved and Confused (2011)

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