Foreplay…Getting It In

Is foreplay getting in the way of your sex life?  Maybe you have been together a long time and the passion has fizzled out or maybe you never quite learned what foreplay is or what is considered foreplay.  Foreplay is actually any act that can create and enhance sexual desire, stimulation, or arousal in your partner as defined on Wikipedia.  Don’t let foreplay get in the way of you getting it in!

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You don’t have to spend hours working up to the final act, but taking a little time to please your partner will really help you reach that sexual intimacy that can make pleasure and orgasm that much better.  Many men and women need that arousal before sexual intercourse to get them ready for the act.

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There are so many things you can do that will help you arouse your partner.  Foreplay comes in many forms!  It can be as simple as touching your partner or french kissing. Simple acts like this is foreplay in its best form.  Kissing and touching is fun and playful and can really help to get your partner in the mood for what is to come!

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To get your significant other in the mood it may take less than you think.  Just an embrace or a little flirting could get him or her in the mood.  Whispering in your ear could be just the thing to push your buttons.  Maybe buying lingerie or wearing lingerie for your partner is what turns them on.  Maybe a striptease could do the trick.  There are so many forms of foreplay that can be fun for both of you like role playing or particitpating in your partner’s sexual fantasy!

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You shouldn’t be letting foreplay get in the way of your sex life.  Just a couple minutes of foreplay before sex could really enhance your moves and make it much more interesting.  With all of the things you could be doing to turn your partner on, you really have no excuse.  Check out this article on to get some more ideas on how you can use foreplay to get it in!

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