BUSINESS INSIDER discuss’ ‘After Porn Ends’

Business Insider on ‘After Porn Ends’

The 2010 documentary “After Porn Ends” caught up with 12 former adult film performers to see where life had taken them. We’ve tracked down a majority of the film’s stars for more recent updates.

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While doing some research on; topics and ideas to explore, for the blog I stumbled across some fun and Free Adult Sex Games for the computer.  This site reminded me of this really kinky computer game we used to play at my girlfriends house when we younger.  The game was called Leisure Suit Larry and was a fun Adult Game where Larry attempts and mostly fails at trying to get Beautiful Women to sleep with him.  lol

Have any of you heard of this game before??  Or Do you have anything similar that you used to play when you were younger?? :)  If so let us know all about them!! Check out Some of the Fun Adult Games We stumbled across below…


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Here are a few that caught my Attention:

Dorm Ladies

Dorm Ladies is Another exciting game where you got to get these sweet dorm ladies sexed up! Check out different aspects of the interface that are used to help you navigate around this adult game.  I don’t want to give up all the secrets but, the goal is to try and smooth talk these Sexy College Girls into letting you HOOK UP with them! ;)



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Intimate Interview

Interracial porn game with world famous football player. He’s a real sex symbol. All the lady magazine publishers are dreaming to get his interview…


This is the last one for now.  But, this was one of my Favorites!! :)  Welcome to crazy sex game with dances, drinks and mushrooms. Our favorite nintendo sluts have decided to arrange it specially for you! Think you’ll appreciate this little modest gift…

Nintendo Christmas Sluts

Title: Nintendo Christmas Sluts

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More Porn Stars that Look Like Celebrities?

This is a follow-up to our blog about celebrities that look like porn stars!!!  Well here we want to show you more porn stars that look like celebrities!  Check out some of the hot porn stars that look like celebrities below:

Anna Paquin:  Tatiana Kush

(photo via

Jordana Brewster:  Camilla Bella

(photo via

Alicia Keys:  Anetta Keys

(photo via

Taylor Swift:  Jana Jordan

(photo via

Britney Spears:  Teagan Presley

(photo via

Olivia Wilde:  Sophie Lynx

(photo via

Jaime Pressly:  Jesse Jane from Oxymoron Entertainment‘s Middle Men

(photo via

Nicole Kidman:  Diane Deluna

(photo via

Shakira:  Carmel Moore

(photo via

Nicki Minaj:  Alicia Smiles

(photo via

There are many other porn stars that look like celebrities, these are just a few!!!  To see the rest go to or CLIKE HERE!!!  We love checking out their site for the latest in the porn industry!  Comment below to let us know what you think about these porn stars that look like celebrities.  Don’t forget to Follow After Porn Ends on Twitter and Like our Facebook Page!

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Celebrities That Look Like Porn Stars

Have you ever looked at someone and said, “Oh my god…you have a twin…I know someone that looks just like you!”  Well would you believe this happens to celebrities too?  And not just any old twin or “doppleganger” but celebrities that look like porn stars!!!  Yes that’s right, Ebaumsworld has compiled a list of celebrities that look like porn stars!!!  Check out some of the look-a-likes below:

Sarah Silverman: Joanna Angel

(photo via

Leighton Meester: Tori Black

(photo via

Kristen Stewart: Meggan Mallone

(photo via

Kristen Bell: Kenzi Marie

(photo via

Miley Cyrus: Aleska Diamond

(photo via

Scarlett Johansson: Amanda from X-Art

(photo via

Avril Lavigne: Liz Vicious

(photo via

To check out the rest of the slideshow on celebrities that look like porn stars (or is it porn stars that look like celebrities) CLICK HERE!!! and go to to see 29 more celebrities that look like porn stars!!!  You will be surprised to see the resemblance of these celebrities that look like porn stars!  Check it out for yourself and then comment below to give us your thoughts!!!  And please don’t forget to go Follow us on Twitter and Like our After Porn Ends Facebook Page to keep up with the latest news in the Adult Film Industry!!!





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Television Shows About Porn?

With cable networks like Showtime, HBO and Starz it seems like there are endless possibilities for television shows!  We have seen mobster shows, period pieces, shows about vampires and other mystical creatures.  We have even seen shows about sex…but have we seen any television shows about porn?  There have been movies about porn, but we have not seen many television shows about porn or the industry.

Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights a movie about the porn industry

 (screenshot via

So why have we not seen dramas or comedies or any television shows about porn?According to an article on, the problem is that any TV show that attempts to faithfully represent the adult business has to show exactly what happens in said industry, and that is inescapably graphic. One could argue that violence is the money shot of “The Sopranos,” but in a TV series about porn, the hardcore aspect of its labor is difficult to dramatize. How do you shoot “porn” without it looking like porn? Well, you can’t.

In that same article we learn that as of right now actor Owen Wilson, brother of Luke Wilson who starred in Oxymoron Entertainment‘s Middle Men a couple years ago, is attempting to bring an adult movie industry-themed TV show to Starz called “WonderWorld“.  Wilson’s show intends to unite the mob and porn. “Set during the Reagan era and inspired by one of the biggest undercover operations in FBI history, WonderWorld revolves around two straight-arrow agents as they infiltrate the Mob-controlled porn industry of the 1980s facing dire consequences for both themselves and their families.”

Owen Wilson

(photo via

It seems that television shows about porn can carry a certain stigma…or is it just the opposite?  Check out this video from Youtube below called “It’s Not Porn” and let us know what you think!  Comment below to give us your thoughts and don’t forget to Like our After Porn Ends Facebook Page and Follow us on Twitter!!!  To read the rest of the Forbes article entitled “Why There’s No ‘Sopranos’ About the Porn Industry”      CLICK HERE!!!

It’s Not Porn


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Hindsight | Richard Pacheco from After Porn Ends

Richard Pacheco from After Porn Ends, aka Howie Gordon, has recently completed Hindsight: True Love and Mischief in the Golden Age of Porn, a wildly entertaining and insightful memoir of his life’s work wrestling with love, sexuality, and the mysteries of common sense.

Check out a clip of Richard Pacheco from After Porn Ends below:

Richard Pacheco was a vital part of After Porn Ends and in his memoir Hindsight he recounts scenes with Marilyn Chambers, Georgina Spelvin, Seka, Annette Haven, Kay Parker as well as many others. This was when actors John Holmes, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis and Anthony Spinelli were at the top of their game and have all become a part of what could be considered to be the finest inside story to ever come out of the fascinating world of Adult Films during its Golden Age according to  Bearmanor Media goes on to say that Hindsight is a surprising love story.  In a triumph over incredible odds, is an unlikely victory for true love, common sense, and the American way. Full of pictures and high spirits – this memoir is a great read, whether you know the world of porn, or are just a curious reader.

Richard Pacheco aka Howie Gordon as Playgirl’s Man of the Month

(photo via

Richard Pacheco aka Howie Gordon‘s son Bobby Gordon has written his own one-man show, Debbie Does My Dad. In performing for sold-out audiences in San Francisco and L.A. and from Johannesburg, South Africa to the ”The Fringe Festival” in Edinburgh, Scotland, his son comes to grips with having grown up in the shadow of his dad’s erection. Some other fun facts you may not know about Richard Pacheco from After Porn Ends include things like he was President of his class and graduated with honors from Taylor Allderdice High School.  He was once centerfold in Playgirl Magazine in1978 and named Playgirl Magazine’s Man of the Year in 1979.  The first pornography Richard Pacheco acted in was an amateur student production in college and after graduation he quit his job and moved to Berkeley, California to live in a commune!

Richard Pacheco from After Porn Ends

(photo via

With the release of Hindsight: True Love and Mischief in the Golden Age of Porn, Richard Pacheco and his son could consider combining their theatrical efforts to create a unique evening’s entertainment, the likes of which may have never been attempted before. These, are family values, too!!  Check out Richard Pacheco in After Porn Ends and his new memoir Hindsight.  Make sure to like our After Porn Ends Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter to let us know what you think about all of this.


To purchase Hindsight  by Howie Gordon aka Richard Pacheco:   CLICK HERE or go over to Bear Manor Media.  

Don’t miss the forward from Richard Pacheco’s long time friend and Neighbor Whoppi Goldberg.  Here is an excerpt from Whoppi…

“Truth is I don’t think I knew Richard Pacheco the way I know Howie Gordon.  There was no reason really and I don’t want to freak you out, reader, wondering if I had ever seen any of his films. The answer is, yes, I have.  And I’ve been to the Adult Awards ceremonies, too.

We as a nation pay a lot of money to see what we profess to find dirty.  Think of it like this, if everyone really felt like that, who’s keeping the adult industry alive and well?   Someone is buying.  I know a lot of folk feel that its destructive to young women and all the other things people speak about, and it may be true, but as you read this book, remember, it was a different time.  It was the time of story telling with an X Rating, and there’s no one better to tell this story than my friend Howie Gordon.

So, sit back and prepare to laugh and gasp and if you get moved to say, make yourself even happier, well go for it.”

Howie and Whoppi at the X-Rated Oscars

(photos via

Richard Pacheco aka Howie Gordon

The PreLewd:

“Am I a defender of porn?  Well, that’s a tough question.  Sure I am, but sometimes the domination of male rage in the industry just gets to me.  It comes off as so nasty and mean-spirited that it’s like a sex without humanity.  Who but a werewolf could defend that?  Yes, men are entitled to their anger and so are women, too, for that matter, but sex is so much bigger than that narrow band of human experience.  We deserve better than just the forbidden fruit of the dark side.

There is more to sex than conquest and vengeance. I want to see that portrayed, too.  We are in there.  We are having all those experiences, from the awkward, mundane and embarrassing to the frightening, ecstatic and sublime.  Sex provides some of the best stuff offered to us as human beings.  And in the end, it is spectacularly, the smiling, cunning ruse of Nature to pay us with pleasure for the biological act of reproducing ourselves.


I’ve got a story and I’m gonna tell it.  I don’t purport to have all of the answers, but I did ask a few of the questions, a few of the questions that many others of my generation, those heirs to the sexual revolution, perhaps wanted to ask, but when the time came, well, they just didn’t raise their hands.

There are, of course, reasons for how a guy like me could end up in the sex industry and I think their revelation pertinent, but please, do me the favor of not taking my “reasons” as “excuses.”  I’ve read way too many books where reformed sinners or “born agains” cast blame, make excuses, and try to squirm their way into some kind of newfound respectability while simultaneously cashing in on their scandalous past.  No thanks.

You see, when we slime balls account for ourselves publicly, the world seems to want, to require those good ol’ excuses like we are filling out an application for a license to have sinned.
Well, fuck all that.  I never thought it was sinning to begin with, and frankly, I was there for the pussy.   That makes me sound tougher than I am, but it’s essentially true…

The money was good, too.  I was breaking up concrete for five bucks an hour when I got my first movie offer of $200 for getting a blowjob.  And I had far more compelling personal reasons that I’ll get into, but the point is, I make no apologies for my dancing with the devil.  I was where I wanted to be.  I got into pornography with my eyes relatively open.

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After Porn Ends MovieBoozer Review has reviewed our documentary After Porn Ends.  We are very excited about the After Porn Ends MovieBoozer Review!  After Porn Ends is a documentary that not only examines the lives and careers of some of the biggest names in the history of the adult entertainment industry; but what happens to them after they leave the business and try to live the average lives that millions of others enjoy.  These adult entertainers all hail from the rural South, steel towns, and the San Fernando Valley.  As teenagers, and young adults, none of them thought that porn was in their future.  They were artists, baseball players, child prodigies, and even Ivy Leaguers.  Now, after their lives in porn; they’re television stars, bounty hunters, writers, and social activists.

(photo via

If you have not seen the movie yet, take’s word for it!  The After Porn Ends MovieBoozer review is quite good!  If you don’t know much about MovieBoozer, they are trying to responsibly bring together the appreciation of film and craft beer.  Their mission is to provide promotion for films, products, and venues by maintaining a strong and responsible movie website brand that is always perceived and entertaining, responsible, and down to earth.  The After Porn Ends MovieBoozer review is one that is rated by beers!  Yes, the movies are rated by beers!  See the image below:

(photo via

MovieBoozer ratings are built around the amount of beers you need to drink to make a particular movie an enjoyable or even survivable experience.  The After Porn Ends MovieBoozer Review awarded the documentary One Beer!  This means A Toast to the movie which is the highest rating they can give!

(photo via

To read the rest of the After Porn Ends MovieBoozer review click here!!!  Let us know what you think about the MovieBoozer review by commenting below!  Don’t forget to Like our After Porn Ends Facebook page and follow us on Twitter! If you haven’t seen After Porn Ends yet read the MovieBoozer review and you will want to see our documentary!  Go to to find out how you can see the movie!

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Actors That Have Played Porn Stars!!!

With the release of the movie Lovelace starring Amanda Seyfried and Sharon Stone, it has got us thinking about other movies about famous porn stars.  The movies Boogie Nights and The People Vs. Larry Flynt might come to mind when you think about actors that have played porn stars.  You might be surprised to know that there have been many famous actors that have played porn stars in the movies.  Check out our list below of actors that have played porn stars.

Mark Wahlberg in the movie Boogie Nights

(photo via

Julianne Moore in the movie Boogie Nights

(photo via

Heather Graham in the movie Boogie Nights

(photo via

Amanda Seyfried in the movie Lovelace

(photo via

Adam Brody in the movie Lovelace

(photo via

Courtney Love in the movie The People Vs. Larry Flynt

(photo via

Tara Reid in the movie The Big Lebowski

(photo via

Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez in the movie Rated X

(photo via

Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks in the movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno

(photo via

Val Kilmer in Wonderland

(photo via

Melanie Griffith in the movie Body Double

(photo via

Kim Cattrall in the movie Meet Monica Velour

(photo via

Out of all the actors that have played porn stars that we have listed here, who was your favorite?  We want to know who you would want to see on the big screen playing your favorite porn star!  Let us know what actors you would like to see playing a porn star in the movies.

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Sharon Stone in Lovelace | She’s Never Seen Porn

The upcoming movie Lovelace is starring Amanda Seyfried as porn actress Linda Lovelace and Sharon Stone as her mother.  Sharon Stone in Lovelace admits that she has never seen porn!  In an article on Sharon Stone in Lovelace says, “I have never seen a pornographic film.”  And after being asked if she has seen the infamous Deep Throat, which Lovelace is based upon, she answered, “Why would I?”


Sharon Stone and Amanda Seyfried at Linda Lovelace Premier

Planet Hollywood

(photo via

Sharon Stone in Lovelace

(photo via

We want to know if you have ever seen Linda Lovelace in a film?  Or Deep Throat?  If you were hired to play the part of Linda Lovelace‘s mother, would you watch porn to research and prepare for your part?  Let us know what you would do!  Check out the trailer for Lovelace below starring Amanda Seyfried, Sharon Stone, Peter Sarsgaard, Adam Brody, Juno Temple, and James Franco as a young Hugh Heffner among others!  Let us know what you think about the movie.

Lovelace Trailer


(Photo via funny pictures)

Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace

(photo via Hollywood

(photo via Us Weekly Magazine)

(photo via Fashion Fame)



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Celebrity Sex Tapes…Who Tops Your List?

So, I am sure you have seen your fair share of celebrity sex tapes.  Let’s see…there has been Pamela Anderson and her well-endowed husband at the time Tommy Lee.  Maybe you have seen Kim Kardashian and Ray J. getting it on?  More recently, Farrah Abraham from the hit MTV show Teen Mom has been promoting one of her very own celebrity sex tapes!

Farrah Abraham topless here, has been promoting one of her own celebrity sex tapes

 (photo via

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee posing together while married

(photo via

If you could see any top movie star in one of their very own celebrity sex tapes, who would it be?  How about Bradley Cooper?  Maybe a real life couple like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?  Let us know who would top your list for celebrity sex tapes! And check out this article from Pop Spy and see who others chose to top their list. Vivid Entertainment also chimes in with which celebrity couples their viewers would want to see in a few celebrity sex tapes!

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