Watch Porn? Come on, it’s ok, you can admit it. We all have, at one point or another, watched Softcore or hardcore, gay, straight, or lesbian. Hello, Skinemax? There is a niche out there for almost every kind of porn you can imagine and there is a true demand for it.

However, we do have preconceived notions about porn being something bad. For instance, pornography is supposed to be degrading to women. Pornography is supposedly addictive to those who watch it, and it also surmises that it wears away at a person’s virtue. But, our POV is that porn should be fine, as long as it’s not impeding with your sex life, social life, job, relationship, family, responsibilities, etc…of course, we are only talking about one side of the coin, as we are not adult entertainers. This particular topic was mentioned HERE.

Dr. Neil Malamuth along, with Gert Martin herald wrote a paper on the self-perceived effects of pornography Consumption and in their survey of 688 young Danish adults (men = 316; women = 372), Hald and Malamuth found that respondents construed the viewing of hardcore pornography as beneficial to their sex lives, their attitudes towards sex, their perceptions and attitudes towards members of the opposite sex, toward life in general, and over all. They obtained beneficial effects were statistically significant for all but one measure across both sexes. (source: Psychology Today)

Hey, we are not in it, to spin it…to hear what Dr. Malamuth has to say on After Porn Ends, click HERE.

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Dr. Neil Malamuth



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