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They hailed from the rural South, steel towns, and the San Fernando Valley. As teenagers, and young adults, none of them thought that porn was in their future. They were artists, baseball players, child prodigies, and even Ivy Leaguers. Now, after their lives in porn; they’re television stars, bounty hunters, writers, and social activists. What happened in between? And now that they’ve moved on, can they really live a normal life after porn?

BUSINESS INSIDER discuss’ ‘After Porn Ends’

Business Insider on ‘After Porn Ends’

The 2010 documentary “After Porn Ends” caught up with 12 former adult film performers to see where life had taken them. We’ve tracked down a majority of the film’s stars for more recent updates.

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Free Adult Sex Games

While doing some research on; topics and ideas to explore, for the blog I stumbled across some fun and Free Adult Sex Games for the computer.  This site reminded me of this really kinky computer game we used to play at my girlfriends house when we younger.  The game was called Leisure Suit Larry and was a fun Adult Game where Larry attempts and mostly fails at trying to get Beautiful Women to sleep with him.  lol

Have any of you heard of this game before??  Or Do you have anything similar that you used to play when you were younger?? :)  If so let us know all about them!! Check out Some of the Fun Adult Games We stumbled across below…


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Here are a few that caught my Attention:

Dorm Ladies

Dorm Ladies is Another exciting game where you got to get these sweet dorm ladies sexed up! Check out different aspects of the interface that are used to help you navigate around this adult game.  I don’t want to give up all the secrets but, the goal is to try and smooth talk these Sexy College Girls into letting you HOOK UP with them! ;)



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This next one is great!  I don’t want to give away all the secrets. But, you can see a little something below.

Intimate Interview

Interracial porn game with world famous football player. He’s a real sex symbol. All the lady magazine publishers are dreaming to get his interview…


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Nintendo Christmas Sluts

Title: Nintendo Christmas Sluts

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More Porn Stars that Look Like Celebrities?

This is a follow-up to our blog about celebrities that look like porn stars!!!  Well here we want to show you more porn stars that look like celebrities!  Check out some of the hot porn stars that look like celebrities below:

Anna Paquin:  Tatiana Kush

(photo via Ebaumsworld.com)

Jordana Brewster:  Camilla Bella

(photo via Ebaumsworld.com)

Alicia Keys:  Anetta Keys

(photo via Ebaumsworld.com)

Taylor Swift:  Jana Jordan

(photo via Ebaumsworld.com)

Britney Spears:  Teagan Presley

(photo via Ebaumsworld.com)

Olivia Wilde:  Sophie Lynx

(photo via Ebaumsworld.com)

Jaime Pressly:  Jesse Jane from Oxymoron Entertainment‘s Middle Men

(photo via Ebaumsworld.com)

Nicole Kidman:  Diane Deluna

(photo via Ebaumsworld.com)

Shakira:  Carmel Moore

(photo via Ebaumsworld.com)

Nicki Minaj:  Alicia Smiles

(photo via Ebaumsworld.com)

There are many other porn stars that look like celebrities, these are just a few!!!  To see the rest go to Ebaumsworld.com or CLIKE HERE!!!  We love checking out their site for the latest in the porn industry!  Comment below to let us know what you think about these porn stars that look like celebrities.  Don’t forget to Follow After Porn Ends on Twitter and Like our Facebook Page!

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Check out the Richest Porn Stars in the Industry

The Adult Entertainment Industry is one of the highest grossing industries in the world; worth $15 billion a year!!!  So, if the porn industry is cashing in at $15 billion, don’t you wonder which entertainers are the richest porn stars in the industry?  Check out our list below for some of the richest porn stars in the adult industry.  Make sure to check out the entire list of The 20 Richest Adult Entertainers on Ebaum’s WorldCLIKE HERE!!!

Tori Black

(photo via leisuremartini.com)

Tori Black only hit the scene of the adult entertainment industry back in 2007 and has already starred in 300 movies.  Tori is one of the richest porn stars in the industry, but down at the bottom of the list with a net worth of about $1 million.

Sunny Leone

(photo via hindustantimes.com)

Sunny Leone is right behind Tori Black worth an estimated $1.3 million as one of the richest porn stars in the industry!  Sunny posed for her first model shoot back in 2001 and before that she worked in the tax industry!

Sasha Grey

(photo via ultimapantalla.net)

Sasha Grey is only 25 years old and is definitely one of the richest porn stars in the adult entertainment industry!  Sasha’s net worth is around $2.5 million and it helps that she has had many successful films and TV series, as well as two successful books!

Bree Olson

(photo via tsminteractive.com)

Bree Olson is retired and only worked in the industry for about five years, but she is still one of the richest porn stars in the industry!  She is worth around $5 million…and she is beautiful!

Jesse Jane

(photo via blogspot.com)

Jesse Jane from Oxymoron Entertainment‘s movie Middle Men, also featured in many adult films, is roughly worth $7 million!  This makes her one of the richest porn stars and top earners in the industry!

Jenna Jameson

(photo via newyorknatives.com)

We couldn’t leave out the richest porn star of all, Jenna Jameson of course!!! Jenna’s net worth is around $50 million!  Yes that’s right, $50 million!  Jenna has been in the game quite a while starting out as an actress in the ’90s and going on to become a very successful entrepreneur.  Today she owns many of her own businesses including a production company and many websites!

It might be hard to believe how much some of the richest porn stars in the industry could be worth…but in an industry that earns so much money it goes without saying that these men and women would be worth tons of money!!!  To check out the entire list of the 20 richest porn stars go to ebaumsworld.com or CLICK HERE!!!  Comment below to let us know who your favorite top earner is and who you think should be the richest porn star in the industry!  Make sure to Follow After Porn Ends on Twitter and Like our Facebook Page to keep up with the latest in the adult entertainment world!

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Check Out These Smart Porn Stars

Have you ever taken the time to consider that although they have sex on camera for money, there are some really smart porn stars out there?  There are a lot of smart porn stars in the industry and Ebaum’s World shows us 10 Porn Stars Who Are Probably Smarter Than You at Ebaumsworld.com.  Two of the smart porn stars that made their list are two of our favorites!!!  Nina Hartley and Asia Carrera from After Porn Ends are extremely smart women!  Nina Hartley is a registered nurse and she graduated college at the top of her class!  Asia Carrera, as we learn in After Porn Ends, is a member of MENSA, the high IQ society.  Asia also has played piano since she was very young and won a full academic scholarship for Rutgers University!  So as you can see, these smart porn stars have it all, brains and beauty!!!  We want to show you what other smart porn stars made Ebaumworlds.com‘s list!  Check it out below:

Missy Woods

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Lorelei Lee

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Sasha Grey

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Ron Jeremy

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Joanna Angel

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

A.J. Bailey

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Sharon Mitchell

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Tera Patrick

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Nina Hartley

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Asia Carrera

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

To check out the entire gallery of smart porn stars and to find out what makes them so intelligent CLICK HERE or go to Ebaumsworld.com.  Just because they are porn stars certainly doesn’t mean they can’t have the brains to go with it!!!  We love hearing about these smart porn stars backgrounds!  Comment below to give us your thoughts on these smart porn stars.  Don’t forget to Follow After Porn Ends on Twitter and Like our Facebook Page to keep up with the latest news and gossip in the adult entertainment industry!

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Celebrities That Look Like Porn Stars

Have you ever looked at someone and said, “Oh my god…you have a twin…I know someone that looks just like you!”  Well would you believe this happens to celebrities too?  And not just any old twin or “doppleganger” but celebrities that look like porn stars!!!  Yes that’s right, Ebaumsworld has compiled a list of celebrities that look like porn stars!!!  Check out some of the look-a-likes below:

Sarah Silverman: Joanna Angel

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Leighton Meester: Tori Black

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Kristen Stewart: Meggan Mallone

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Kristen Bell: Kenzi Marie

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Miley Cyrus: Aleska Diamond

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Scarlett Johansson: Amanda from X-Art

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

Avril Lavigne: Liz Vicious

(photo via ebaumsworld.com)

To check out the rest of the slideshow on celebrities that look like porn stars (or is it porn stars that look like celebrities) CLICK HERE!!! and go to Ebaumsworld.com to see 29 more celebrities that look like porn stars!!!  You will be surprised to see the resemblance of these celebrities that look like porn stars!  Check it out for yourself and then comment below to give us your thoughts!!!  And please don’t forget to go Follow us on Twitter and Like our After Porn Ends Facebook Page to keep up with the latest news in the Adult Film Industry!!!





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What’s Your Porn Star Name?

(photo via escort.co.uk)

Ever play that game, what’s your porn star name?  You know the one…some people have different rules for it!  Some say your porn star name would be based on your middle name and the street you grew up on!  Try it…it actually works!!!  Well at Ebaumsworld they got some porn stars to tell us what their porn star name would have been based on their first pet and the street they grew up on!!!  I know you are thinking to yourself right now: what’s my porn star name?  Check out the video below to see porn stars like Skin Diamond and Tera Patrick tell us what their porn names would be (based on the rules that is):

So now, we here at After Porn Ends want to know What’s Your Porn Star Name? Comment below with your porn star name.  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and hashtag #MyPornName and Like our After Porn Ends Facebook Page to post your porn star name!!!  We can’t wait to hear your porn star name!!!


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10 Sexiest Girls in America | Hometown Hotties 2014

For those of you who read Maxim…or for those of you who don’t…we want to show you the 10 sexiest girls in America!  Maxim does a competition to find the 10 sexiest girls in America called Hometown Hotties.  Well…Hometown Hotties 2014 is among us and the readers have it narrowed down to 10 beautiful women!!  Check them out below and click on their names to see their full profile on HometownHotties.com:

Rebecca: Atlanta, GA

(photo via hometownhotties.com)

Christine: Dallas, TX

(photo via hometownhotties.com)

Christen: Memphis, TN

(photo via hometownhotties.com)

Molly: Oklahoma City, OK

(photo via hometownhotties.com)

Cindy: Miami, FL

(photo via hometownhotties.com)

Jamie-Rae: Livingston, NJ

(photo via hometownhotties.com)

Stephanie: Harrison, NY

(photo via hometownhotties.com)

Grace: Orlando, FL

(photo via hometownhotties.com)

Johana: El Segundo, CA

(photo via hometownhotties.com)

Nicole: Newman, CA

(photo via hometownhotties.com)

Now that you have seen the top 10 Hometown Hotties 2014 who is your top pick?  Make sure to go to HometownHotties.com or CLIKE HERE!!! to place your vote!  Comment below to let us know who your favorite beautiful girl is and don’t forget to Follow After Porn Ends on Twitter and Like our Facebook Page too to give us your thoughts!!!

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Television Shows About Porn?

With cable networks like Showtime, HBO and Starz it seems like there are endless possibilities for television shows!  We have seen mobster shows, period pieces, shows about vampires and other mystical creatures.  We have even seen shows about sex…but have we seen any television shows about porn?  There have been movies about porn, but we have not seen many television shows about porn or the industry.

Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights a movie about the porn industry

 (screenshot via afterpornends.com/blog)

So why have we not seen dramas or comedies or any television shows about porn?According to an article on Forbes.com, the problem is that any TV show that attempts to faithfully represent the adult business has to show exactly what happens in said industry, and that is inescapably graphic. One could argue that violence is the money shot of “The Sopranos,” but in a TV series about porn, the hardcore aspect of its labor is difficult to dramatize. How do you shoot “porn” without it looking like porn? Well, you can’t.

In that same article we learn that as of right now actor Owen Wilson, brother of Luke Wilson who starred in Oxymoron Entertainment‘s Middle Men a couple years ago, is attempting to bring an adult movie industry-themed TV show to Starz called “WonderWorld“.  Wilson’s show intends to unite the mob and porn. “Set during the Reagan era and inspired by one of the biggest undercover operations in FBI history, WonderWorld revolves around two straight-arrow agents as they infiltrate the Mob-controlled porn industry of the 1980s facing dire consequences for both themselves and their families.”

Owen Wilson

(photo via filmspot.pt)

It seems that television shows about porn can carry a certain stigma…or is it just the opposite?  Check out this video from Youtube below called “It’s Not Porn” and let us know what you think!  Comment below to give us your thoughts and don’t forget to Like our After Porn Ends Facebook Page and Follow us on Twitter!!!  To read the rest of the Forbes article entitled “Why There’s No ‘Sopranos’ About the Porn Industry”      CLICK HERE!!!

It’s Not Porn


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Dai Macedo Wins 2013 Miss Bum Bum Competition

So, with all of the controversy surrounding this years Brazilian booty contest, the 2013 Miss Bum Bum Competition finally has a winner!!!  This year’s competition had women paying thousands to the judges to sway opinions, while others made it into the competition because of butt implants!!!  This year a beautiful girl by the name of Dai Macedo has won the 2013 Miss Bum Bum Competition…and what a Bum Bum she has!!!  Check out some of her Twitter pics below:

2013 Miss Bum Bum Competition Winner: Dai Macedo

(screenshot via Twitter)

(screenshot via Twitter)

(screenshot via Twitter)

(screenshot via Twitter)

Smoking hot!!!  This 25 year old obviously has the curves to pay the bills.  She is beautiful and with winning the 2013 Miss Bum Bum Competition, Dai has proven that she owns the best booty in Brazil!!!  To find out more about Dai Macedo and all of the ins and outs, contestants and corruption of the 2013 Miss Bum Bum CompetitionCLICK HERE or go to Huffingtonpost.com!!!  Don’t forget to Follow us on Twitter and Like our After Porn Ends Facebook Page to let us know what you think of Miss Dai Macedo and leave your comments below!

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